Gwave NEWS --- history of user-visible changes.  -*- text -*-

New in 20051222
- full-height vertical scrollbar appears if the total height of all
panels becomes larger than the window.
- new panel type "jumbo" stays larger even when things get crowded
- handling of multi-sweep datafiles
- vertical scrollbars on label/measure area in each wavepanel make handling
large numbers of waveforms easier.
- most deprecated guile calls removed.  Guile 1.6 or later is now required.

New in 20031202
- Got docstring extraction from C source to .txt files in doc directory working again
- applied submitted patch that cleans up warnings from gcc3 about multiline text strings in C code

New in 20030804
- Plugin backends for hardcopy plot/export (graph and gnuplot are
  currently supported)
- Ability to change the drawing order of waves in a panel
- Data-export function for writing out a selected subset of a file's data
- Selected waves are higlighted by drawing with a wider line style

New in 20020122:
- Y and XY zoom capability for any wavepanel.
- Dialog box for precise setting of displayed extents of wavepanel.
- Restore the ability to build using guile-1.3.4, which was accidently 
  broken in 20011020

New in 20011021:  
- better measurement: value at both cursors or difference in values at cursors
- enhanced handling of log scales
- yet more file-reading improvements and general bug fixes

New in 20001123:
- Saving wave and panel configuration as guile scripts.
- Executing guile scripts from menu or command line (-s scriptfile option)
- Remote control using the gwave-exec and gwaverepl utilities

New in 20001004:
- Spice3/Ngspice rawfile improvements: binary files now work!
- Other minor file-reading improvements.
- spice source code to examples for which I could still find it.

New in 20001004:
- Major improvements to handling of binary files produced by HSPICE.
- Overhaul of input of spice3/ngspice raw files; more robust and tolerant
  of complex numbers.
- User interface improvements: tooltips added.  User's .gwaverc no longer
  required to do lots of standard setup.  system.gwaverc can be copied
  to $HOME/.gwaverc and edited to taste.
- sp2sp utility included for converting any spice file readable by gwave into
  a convenient tabular ascii format.

New in 20000509:
- First public guile/guile-gtk release.
- Popup menu on visible-wave button can activate per-waveform dialog box,
with a few useful operations and a lot of promise.
- Logarithmic scale on Y axis working; on X axis it isn't quite there yet.

New in 20000108: (internal only)
- Merged in guile and guile-gtk; the GUI is mostly written in guile now.
- Some additional improvements to reading of HSPICE input.  Reading
files from simulations still in progress works for ascii .tr0 files now.

New in 19990927

- Many bug fixes
- Added rudimentary export of postscript and PNM.  This feature requires
the graph program from a recent version of GNU plotutils.

New in 19990822:
- Added "ascii" input format for tabular data with headings.  This format
  is compatible with output from ACS.
- Added "reload all" button to the main window's toolbar.
- Improvements in reading of HSPICE-format files.

New in 19990601:
- Changed version naming scheme to one based on the date, rather than a number
that suggests some sort of progress on the scale from 0.0 to 1.0.
- Deleting and reloading waveform files
- Detects Gtk 1.0 vs Gtk 1.2, builds on either.  
(assumes that Gtk+-1.1.x is like 1.2, which may even be correct somtimes)
- New structure for file-reading code uses a library libspicefile.a, which I
also use in some other tools.
- Should handle HSPICE AC analysis files without ".options probe" better.

New in 0.0.6:
- Inserting/deleting waveform panels.
- added right-button popup menu to waveform panels
- The compile/install process now uses automake and autoconf to generate
  the familiar "configure" script
- An attempt at placing the variable list windows in a more convenient position
in relation to the main window.  Getting this perfect under all window managers
is a losing proposition.

New in 0.0.5:
- Fixed bug in reading hspice files with lots of columns
- displays signal name list window for files read from the command line.
  (note: it will probably be behind the main window)
- incorporated code contributed by Jeff Dionne for reading spice2 rawfiles

New in 0.0.4:
- Fixed bug and/or warning when first waveform is added to display
- Ability to drag vertical bar cursors around, in addition to click-to-place
- Added zoom-to-cursor function; if both cursors have been placed,
	zooms so that the time between the cursors fills the display.
- Added zoom-to-window function.  Select this menu option, then
	press/drag/release mouse button 1 to indicate a region of the X
	axis that then zooms to fill the display.

New in 0.0.3:
- Load multiple files at once, either from the command line or 
- Some operations are moved to pulldown menus.

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