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Photographs of some of the custom hardware built for use with the guilfred home automation system.

?? Wed Apr 3 22:40:57 2002
This prototype node is intended for controlling the built-in sound system in a room. The knob is a rotary encoder, generating "step clockwise" and "step counterclockwise" keycodes. The single LED is typicaly used as a pilot lamp to indicate that amplifiers and infrastructure for the room are enabled.
?? Wed Apr 3 22:47:59 2002
All of these device nodes make use of this basic PC board. The Atmel 89C2051 is an 8-bit micro of the "8051" family, with 2K of flash program memory, 128 bytes of RAM, 2 timers, and a serial port.
?? Wed Apr 3 22:45:41 2002
Internals of the keyled node. As typical of my prototypes, it combines the generic PCB with point-to-point wiring for the particular function. I hope to design a PCB for the keypad portion sometime soon.
?? Wed Apr 3 22:32:49 2002
The "keyled" node, shown installed in a wall adjacent to more traditional switches. The LEDs integrated into each pushbutton are generally assigned to indicate the state of the device that the button controlls, but the hardware and firmware in the node makes no such assumptions.

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